Our Asks of Presidential Candidates

In order to deal with the national debt responsibly, as a 2016 Presidential candidate we ask that you:

During your campaign

  • Acknowledge that the long term debt is a serious PROBLEM
  • Make dealing with the debt a top policy PRIORITY in your campaign
  • Put forward a PLAN for what you would do, not what you wouldn’t
  • Explain how you would PAY for your policy initiatives
  • Use your platform to engage and educate the PUBLIC about the tough choices in order to prepare for action once in office

Your First Budget

1. Achieve declining debt levels during your term in office – with debt (as a percent of the economy) lower at the end of your first term (2021) than when taking office, even lower at the end of your second term (2025), and set on a continuous downward path thereafter.

2. Include policies that grow the economy and address pressures on the budget by:

  • Slowing the growth of federal health care spending and improving the health care delivery system so that it is less of a drain on our economy and the budget
  • Making Social Security sustainable and secure, strengthening it for future retirees and generations
  • Reforming the tax code by eliminating, reducing or reforming tax preferences in order to simplify the code, grow the economy, enhance competitiveness and reduce the deficit
  • Protecting critical investments to promote economic growth and opportunity

3. Work closely with Members of Congress in both parties to enact your budget into law.

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